Emergencies: Part II

So we know what the kids consider to be an emergency (earlier post). Perhaps, I should mention what they don’t consider to be an emergency. Really, it’s just the oldest that seems to have this problem.

This started when he was very little. He was about two years old and he had been playing with his cousin when he came out of the room crying a little. I knew something was wrong because he only cried when he was really, and I mean really, hurt. He was whimpering and holding his little blond head as he approached me but then he stopped halfway across the kitchen, sniffled, and said he was ok. I decided that was not the case and got up to check on him. Yep, he was bleeding from a gash in his head. That’s his idea of ok. It hasn’t changed over the years.

Last year he went snowboarding (the Walmart kind) down one of the snow-plowed hills in our complex with friends. When he came back early I asked if he was ok. He said he was but again my mom sense took over and I asked a few more questions. Turns out he had fallen. Hard. He thinks he hit his head.

Thinks? What the hell does that mean?

Boy: “When I opened my eyes my head hurt.”

Me: “When you opened your eyes?!”

Boy: “Yeah, I guess I blacked out for a second or two.”


Let’s go to the emergency room…again. It’s like walking into the bar at Cheers. Everybody knows your name.